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 H2O Project

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[H2O] djNio
H2O Administrator
H2O Administrator
[H2O] djNio

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: H2O Project   H2O Project EmptyΤρι Μαρ 31, 2009 10:06 pm

Hello folks,

there are some rumors that H2O will "go for vacations" H2O Project Tongue.. well its kinda true.

I never planed to let you down, NEVER. I didn't made this community for fun nor to earn something from you. I called that my personal "H2O Project" and I made everything by myself with care and time. It was not for money, it was for the experience.. and because I wanted me and my friends to live the MMOG we loved so many years from a different angle, and I guess we succeeded. H2O Project Smilie

(Seriously, its not a ByeBye Thread but it may look like one. DON'T freak out until you read the end H2O Project Tongue)

H2O had the latest, fully updated, Datapack from its start. H2O utilized PRO Geodata and pathnodes after a few days.. From the Beta Tests we had connections equal to 2-3 pages (25 Players / Page), and just after one month we reached 6 Pages of online connections! I am very proud of our progress and I thank all of you guys.

The reasons I had to take this "break" is that H2O had some bad luck. Some of the best players of our server had to quit for personal reasons (Army, Exams etc.). There were some clans which left and you, newbies, don't even met IG. Until today there are some clan leaders who give up and the population decreased widely. On the other hard, the Dedicated Server I was paying every month was in an extremely good price just for me. Now the prices are back to normal (like 330$ / month) and I really cant afford these money just for the connections we have today.
We could advertise, and find people. I could ask a friend from BnB Network to advertise H2O and lots of you people call your friends, but that is NOT the problem. The huge problem is that in Easter/Summer I would not have some spare hands to keep the Database and the Server while I will be miles away from my PC and THAT is the reason I cant risk to call more players here.. Because I will be unable to keep the game on..

To sum up, every material.. every level of yours is now backed up in my Personal Computer and nothing of your work will be lost. H2O will be probably back online after summer with its BEST future and support! The freaking news are that I finally have the updates with 81lvl Skills and SubClass skills (bad timing, I know H2O Project Tongue), and you will meet these updates after the Server's comeback!

I will co-operate with a VERY good friend, and head administrator of Erevus and Raidfight server, so I will be fully assisted when I'll need it. H2O Project Smilie

I want to thank EVERYONE for your dedication and support, I really liked all of you and I'm sorry for this unexpected new. I wish you understand that it wasn't on my purpose-list. H2O Project Smilie

And to close with, I want to thank my 9 best friends that I love and I will always love till I rot in a hell full of babes.


Thank you guys for being always next to me.. H2O Project Redface

So, see you after Summer! When I will decide to continue my project, I will reach you to let you know about it via Email. H2O Project Wink

L2 Break for some real life, hunt down some chicks! Now its the time! H2O Project Grin

My best Regards,
djNio - Dev/Admin/Founder of H2O Server & Community.

H2O Project Niosig
H2O Community Pwns! Join us and have a nice stay!
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H2O Project
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