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 Server's Rate and Other Information

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Server's Rate and Other Information Empty
ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Server's Rate and Other Information   Server's Rate and Other Information EmptyΚυρ Ιαν 18, 2009 12:43 am

L2 H2O - Server INFO:

Lineage 2 - Full Gracia 2

Server is based on L2J, very detailed with EVERY feature working! Balanced Gameplay, as much retail-like (with minor changes to make Gameplay easier).

Mid Rate - Craft/Mid Grind Level/PvP

* Exp x25
* SP x30
* Adena x20
* Drop x15
* Spoil x15 (drop chance)
* Drop Raid Boss x8
* Drop quest x10
* Quest reward x3

* MP Regeneration x5
* buff duration x1
* dances/songs duration x2

* Enchant Safe +4
* Enchant Max +25
* Enchant Rate 75%

Free Buffs until 60 Level. Free GK Teleports until 40 Level. NG/D/C/B Grade Items on Shops (sell-able for Crystals). Common items are being dropped.

Quest needed for 1st and 2nd Occupation Change, while 3rd class doesn't need Quest to be done. Also, noblesse and Subclasses are Quest-Free.

GMshop INFO:

SS-Seller (All SS Grades)
Basic Material Recipes
Q Related Items

NO MP Pots

Other useful INFO:

* Dual Client is Allowed
* Server is NOT hackable. Anti-Hacker Protection, Data being backed up every 15 Minutes. Soon Anti-Walker Patch as well (Come on, its x25..don't even think about it Razz)
* Fun GM-Events, with balanced awards
* Non Donation
* No need to drop spellbooks to learn skills. You just have to click on the skill you want to learn, inside your character's guild.
* Spawn Protection for 9 Seconds
* Very friendly GMTeam. Plus, their GM panel has just a Teleport and a Petition board =)


Server's Rate and Other Information Niosig
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Server's Rate and Other Information
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